Here are some common questions about Vibo

Getting Started

What is Vibo?

Vibo helps Mobile DJs communicate with clients and their guests to plan the right event.
Vibo is much more than a music planning solution for DJs. We are creating an end-to-end solution for DJs. Besides automating music planning as we are doing today, Vibo will provide DJs a CRM designed especially for them, marketing options, and a booking and review system . All while event hosts experience a unique social, mobile music planning.

Our vision is to empower DJs with an all-in-one-place system to use their time more effectively for planning, marketing, and growing their business.

Who is Vibo for?

Vibo is for mobile DJs who aspire for excellence.

How can I begin using Vibo?

Simply click on the GET STARTED button.

Does Vibo cost money?

We are currently accepting new DJs to Vibo Beta for free.

In the future you will be able to subscribe to Vibo. We will begin charging so we can keep developing amazing features for you and your clients. Prices will be released soon. Don’t worry, no credit card is needed to sign up and there is no commitment.

I want to know more. Can we talk?

Of course! We are always happy to talk to our DJs. Please send us an email and we’ll schedule a call or Skype.

Can I sign up as a DJ using the Vibo app?

Nope. Signing up your DJ account can be done only via vibo website.

How many parts does the Vibo system have?

Vibo has three parts that work together to help you plan music with your clients:

  • Vibo DJ web dashboard – manage your account, music requests, templates and music recommendations
  • Vibo app – DJs, hosts (and guests, only if you’d like) request music prior to the event
  • Vibo music scanner – Automatically finds music on your computer to save preparation time

Creating a New Event

How do I create a new event?

Creating a new event is easy. Simply click on the ‘Create New Event’ button on the top of the left-hand menu and create your new event in the window that opens.

What happens after I create an event?
First of all, an event is created. But seriously, you will immediately be taken to the created event’s info page where you will see all the info you set and the different musical activities. You will also be able to copy an invitation link to send to your clients so they will be able to access the event from the Vibo mobile app and start choosing music.
What if I made a mistake? Can I change the event details after it was created?
Of course you can. Find the event in the calendar or table, and click on it to access the event’s info page. You can change any of the event details (accept the template) from here. Don’t forget to click ‘Save’.
What parameters am I required to set for the new event?

In the ‘Create New Event’ window you will be required to set the following:

  • Event type. This will allow you to track your different event types
  • Event title. For example: ”John & Jane’s Wedding”
  • Event location.
  • Event date & time.
  • Event template. This is the most important parameter you need to set. Templates define the structure of the event, its different sections and the musical activities each section is comprised of. You can choose from one of your own templates or from one of the Vibo pre-defined templates. For a more detailed explanation on templates see here
I can’t find the right type of event I need. What do I do?

If you don’t find the type of event you need you can create a new template

Sending a Vibo Event to Clients

How do I send a Vibo event to my clients?

Vibo events are sent to clients via links. Anyone with a link can click on it from their phone to enter the event.

There are two types of links: Host Link and Guest Link. Make sure your clients (hosts) don’t share their link with guests but rather invite them by using a guest link (created in the app)

You can either use the link from the web or from the Vibo App.

From the web – after creating an event click on the “Host Invitation Link” on the top of the event details page. Share this link with your client

My client can’t reach their event! What do I do?

This happens on rare occasions but can be solved easily! Tell your clients to close the app and click the link again. Still not reaching their event? Click the link again. Third time should work 😉

My client’s clicked the link and nothing happened. What do I do?

This happens on rare occasions but don’t worry! Simply tell your clients to download Vibo from the app store or play store and then click on the link again.

Can my clients use the web dashboard?

Not yet.. Vibo web is only for DJs, so your clients will have to download the Vibo app.

I want my clients to invite their guests so I can get a feel of the vibe. How are guests invited?

The best way to invite all the guests is via the host. The host has an invite guests button in the Vibo app.

He/She can share this link in text messages, email, messenger, or whatever other app he/she likes using. Copy the link and share it wherever you want. Share it with groups and individually.

I don’t want guests to be invited.

Not a problem boss. When you prepare your templates make sure to keep all the activities “host only”.

My clients do not want to invite their guests. Is that OK?

Of course. From our experience, some clients want to select songs themselves. Don’t worry, the next clients will! We always recommend explaining this to clients so they feel in control. “You can invite as many guests as you want or only a selected few of them or no one at all! The choice is up to you. As long is you are having fun” We will get into more detail about this in the FAQ about the app.

Event Management
How can I track my events?

The “Events” page allows you to keep and access your events. You can view the page as a calendar or as a searchable table.

Clicking on an event in the calendar or table takes you to that event’s details page.

Can I set some kind of a reminder for an upcoming Vibo event?
Not at the moment. But you will be receiving a reminder email from us 2 days prior to the event. Attached to the email will also be a pdf containing all the different activities, their selected songs, and notes added by the hosts.
Where can I see the songs added by hosts and guests for the different activities?

In the “Event Details” page you can see all of the songs under “Event Music”. You can view the songs grouped under their activity or as a single list containing all the event selected songs. To toggle between the views click on the ‘View all Songs/View all Sections’ button.

My activity shows 99 songs but I don’t see any. What’s happening?

If you’re having song problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but the list ain’t one.

Click on the activity name or the arrow to the right of it and the activity’s song table will expand. You can expand all the activities’ song tables by clicking on the ‘Expand All’ button.

What do the different columns in the songs table mean?
  • Checkbox – Check any songs you want to do an action on (delete, move, etc.)
  • Likes – The number of guests that liked this song through the app.
  • Flag – You can use this field for any purpose you like. For example, our very own CEO Michael Mahler uses this field to mark songs he later wants to listen to or search for remixes of.
  • Marked As – songs that one of the hosts either added/liked, marked as “Must Play”, or marked as “Don’t Play”
  • Note – If the hosts added a note for a song, you will see a note icon in this column. Hovering over the icon with your mouse will pop up the note itself.
  • Added By – Which host or guest added this song.
  • Time Added – How long ago was this song added.

How can I do actions on songs through the web app?

In the songs’ table, check the song or songs you want to modify. Once one or more songs are checked you will see that the ‘Actions’ button at the top left of the table is enabled. Click on it and choose one of the different actions

Can I export the event details and songs’ information?

You can download a PDF generated by us with all the event information. Click ‘Download PDF’ at the top of the page.

Can I add my own notes regarding the event?

Yes, click the ‘My Notes’ button found right under the event details. Your notes are visible only to you and will not be seen by the event hosts.

What does the ‘Generate Playlist’ button do?

Generating a playlist is possible only after you have scanned your music files and the info was uploaded to our servers. For more info on how to do this check out Vibo Scanner.

What we basically do once you click the ‘Generate Playlist’ button is try and match the requested songs with the music files we received from your scan. Once the matching is done (This may take up to a minute), a new window will open with all the match information. For each requested song you will see between 0-10 possible matches that we found in your files. Go over the songs and their possible matches, check the ones you want, and finally click on ‘Generate M3U’ at the top right of the window to download an M3U file with the files you selected.

My Account
What is the “My Info” page?

Here you can set information about yourself and your brand that will be visible to Vibo app users attending an event in which you are the DJ.

Among the different info you can change:

  1. Basic information
  2. Your profile and cover pictures
  3. About text
  4. Links to your website, facebook, and phone number.


How can I change my password?

You can change your password either in the app or web by clicking forgot my password link.

Simply logout to find the forgot my password button.

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?
Same as changing your password. Use the forgot my password link in the app or web. Simply logout to find the forgot my password button.
How do I add more DJs to a master account?

First, your DJs need to sign up to Vibo. After DJs have signed up, send us a list of all emails you would like to add, plus a master email (usually the company email). We will set it all up for you.

Our email is info@vibo.io

How do I edit my DJ profile in the Vibo App?

Go to “My Info” tab on the left navigation bar.


What are templates?

A template defines the structure of an event: which sections it will have and which musical activities will be in them. Templates give you the flexibility to create events the way you want them.

When you create a new event you will need to select a template from which the event will be generated. For example, you can have a few different templates for different types of weddings or just one. A template for a corporate event, school, etc


Do I have to create my own templates?

You don’t. We’ve created a number of Vibo pre-defined templates which you can use to create a new event with. We do recommend that you create your own templates so you can give your own personal touch for your different types of events. For example – some DJs will want their clients to be able to create a specific song list for game songs and other DJs will want that to be part of the general open dancing music. Another example would be if you don’t want your clients to have the freedom to select music for a specific activity you can eliminate it altogether. Or on the other hand you can add as many activities as you want to receive more information from your clients.

What control do I have over a music activity?

You can decide:

  1. Name of section
  2. Whether the music activity is private (to you and event hosts) or open for guest to see and take part in. For example: Mother Son dance should be private so guests can’t change it or see it.
  3. Whether it’s a single song or song list activity.
  4. What music recommendations the activity will have.
How do I create my own template?

That’s easy. Click on the templates item in the left-hand menu and you will be taken to the templates page. Now click on the “Select a Template to Edit” drop down menu at the top left of the page, and select the last option “Create New Template…”. You will now be requested to enter the name of your new template, and select whether you want to start a blank template or base it on one of Vibo’s pre-set templates. Once you’ve finished click ‘Create’ and that’s it, you’ll see your new template and will be able to see it as an option whenever you create a new event.

I created a new template, what’s that picture I see at the top left?
Great question! That’s the picture your clients and their guests will see as the event cover photo in the mobile app. To change the picture simply click on it and choose your own picture from your computer.
What are template sections?

Sections simply assist you in organizing your event structure. Each section is comprised of musical activities. For example, in a template for a wedding event you will most likely want to have a ‘Ceremony’ section and an ‘Open Dance’ section, each with its own musical activities.

You can also keep all the activities in the same section if that makes it easier for you!

How do I add a section to a template?
Just click on “+ Add Section” and give it a title.
How do I add a musical activity to a section?
Click on the section you want, and then click on “Add Music Activity”. It’s a big white button, you won’t be able to miss it. Now all you have to do is select the musical activity’s type and voila.
What different types of activities are there?

Two types – music list or single song. Music lists allow adding an unlimited number of songs to them. Single song activities are meant for special activities (For example, the walk down the aisle in a wedding) and only one song can be chosen for them.

What do I need to set after I create a musical activity?
  1. The name of the activity
  2. The privacy level, i.e. whether this activity will be shown to all the event guests in the mobile app or just to the defined event hosts. By default music lists are public and sing songs are private.
  3. Recommendations. The playlists with recommended music that will be shown in the mobile app for guests choosing music for this activity. You don’t have to choose recommendations for an activity, that’s up to you.
So How do I choose recommendations for a musical activity?

Click on “Choose Recommendations” in the musical activity’s box. In the window that opens you will see on the left-hand side all the available recommendation playlists, yours on the top followed by Vibo’s recommended playlists. Select all of the playlists you want by checking them. Each checked playlist will now appear on the right-hand side. You can change the order of the playlists on the right-hand side by dragging and dropping them. The final order of the playlists on the right-hand side is the order in which they will appear for guests in the mobile app.

Fore more details on recommendations see Recommendations topic

How do I delete a musical activity from a section?
Hover over it with your mouse, and follow the trash can.
Can I change the order of musical activities, or do I have to delete and add them again?
See those double striped handles to the left of each activity? Clicking on one of those handles allows you to drag and drop that activity and move it up or down the section’s activities list.
If I change something in a template, what happens to events that were already created based on it?
Nothing. You can edit anything you want in a template (titles, privacy levels, etc.), but these changes won’t be reflected in events that were previously created based on this template.
Are changes to a template automatically saved?
No. You need to click on ‘Save Template’ to save the changes in the current template you are editing. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered and won’t let you leave the page without confirming with you first that you really want to discard any unsaved changes.
What is the recommendations section?
Well, recommendations are actually musical playlists (but we like to call them categories) that you can define and later attach to a template’s musical activities so that your clients and their guests can enjoy your recommendations when selecting music for that activity.
The recommendations list is split into two parts, what’s the difference between them?
The first part is categories you have added and edited yourself. The second part is Vibo’s recommended playlists, including categories of top charts such as the Billboard 100 which are updated on a weekly basis. While you can’t edit the Vibo categories, we do want to make it available for you to view since you can choose to use our recommendations in your musical activities.
How do I add a new recommendations category?
Click on the “Add Category” button at the bottom of the Categories list, give it a name, click “Add” and your all set.
How do I add a new song to one of my categories?

Select that category and then click on “Add Song” at the bottom right of the page. In the window that opens search Youtube for your song, and then add it by clicking the + button. Once the song is added to the category a check sign will appear to it’s right.

How do I change the name of a category?

To the right of each of your categories in the list you can see three vertical dots, click on these and choose ‘Edit’ from the menu that appears.

How do I delete a category?
To the right of each of your categories in the list you can see three vertical dots, click on these and choose ‘Delete’ from the menu that appears.   
Can I make changes to the Vibo recommendations?
No dude/tte, that would mean chaos.
Who makes the Vibo recommendations? They’re amazing!
Well… we do. But since we’re hard at work improving the system and adding new features for you, we have less time then we’d like to make them even better. If you have a playlist you’d like to have featured as a Vibo category, give us a shout and we’ll be sure to go over it and consider adding it.

Vibo Scanner

Where do I download the famous Vibo Scanner from?

Right from your web app. Click SCANNER DOWNLOAD BUTTON and select your operating system.

How do I scan my files?

Fairly easy. Enter your Vibo account’s email and password (first time only), select your music directories, and click ‘Scan’.

The scan is taking really long, is something broken?

The process may take up to a number of minutes, depending on how many music files you actually have.

What usually takes the longest is uploading the data to our servers, and that really depends on your internet connection speed.

Most important thing is not to close the scanner until you see the finished notification.

What does the scan do? can it hurt my computer?

It most certainly can not do any harm to your computer.

All we are doing is traversing over the files in the directories you chose, finding which of them are music files (mp3, wma, etc.) and extracting the metadata of those files. No files are modified during the process and no non-music files are accessed.

Vibo App

Where can I find the Vibo app manual?



Still need help? Send us a note!
For any other questions, please write us at info@vibo.io or call us on +1 917 677 7473